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Birthday Week Special!

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It's my birthday Colleen 2024.jpg



Colleen McCubbin is the founder of Siretona Creative, and it's her birthday! 

To celebrate, Colleen is giving gifts all week!

1st gift: Our Readers

This one is for you. Order any printed book from this website and receive 10% off. Just enter the coupon code COLLEENBDAY56 during checkout. Coupon valid March 11-17, 2024.

2nd gift: Siretona Authors

This gift is for our authors! Every order placed directly through this site gives important royalties to the author who wrote the book.


This is no small thing. When you buy through online sites like Amazon, it's convenient and fast, but the author usually makes pennies on the dollar. When you order directly through us, you cut out a lot of red tape and the author gets a much fairer royalty (often several dollars per book!). So thank you for supporting our publishing work!  

3rd gift: Jar of Tears

We have another author, Kathleen Templeton, who's getting help from Siretona to start her own publishing company. We're just finishing up her first book and are currently pre-selling. I'd love to see a spike in her pre-orders this week. Please consider a Sponsor Pack of 10 books at 25% off the list price. We've made some suggestions for organizations to sponsor with this pack, but one we didn't list is book clubs. This is an important novel about kids and grief. 

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It's my birthday Colleen 2024.jpg

Colleen is a wonder and a joy to work with.

Marcia Lee Laycock,
award-winning author

Marcia's Siretona books: 

  • Merrigold's Very Best Home

  • Wee Merrigold's Wee Wanderings

  • Abundant Rain, vol. 1 & vol 2

Connie's first Siretona book is

speculative fiction:

  • Rewriting Adam

Colleen ... You are both knowledgeable and wise. ... Thanks for not giving up on me, and for believing in this novel. 

Connie Mae Inglis,
award-winning author

It's my birthday Colleen 2024.jpg
It's my birthday Colleen 2024.jpg

I am so thankful for the publishing team at Siretona Creative. It takes a specific skill set to develop baby authors, and Colleen McCubbin and Charity Mongrain are the masters. Their Nestbuilder community gave me a safe place to ask all the newbie questions and learn from other authors. Thanks to all my fellow Nestbuilders for being
my tribe.

Lisa May LeBlanc

Lisa's first book is a memoir:

  • The Ninth Child

Travis' first book is a novel:

  • Uly Quits His Job

Travis has also contributed stunning covers to other
Siretona books, as well as
interior design:


  • Leoshine, Princess Oracle

  • Leoshine, Prince Quarry

  • The Ninth Child

  • Stealth

     Colleen McCubbin, my friend for over two decades, is a writer, publisher, and founder of Siretona Creative. She sent me a message one day asking what I had been up to lately.
     I had been writing.
     Almost a year later, I joined Siretona Creative's program for independent authors. We work together to share ideas, give tech support to each other, offer advice, proofread books, critique covers, attend one another's book launches, and generally support and cheer one another along. Colleen has created a great platform on which authors can thrive.

Travis Williams

It's my birthday Colleen 2024.jpg
It's my birthday Colleen 2024.jpg

I could not have polished my manuscript if it hadn’t been for the talented Colleen McCubbin at Siretona Creative. Colleen, you worked tirelessly to teach me everything a new author-publisher needs to know to polish and successfully launch a book into the world. Your encouragement on hard days was valuable and wise. You started as my coach but became my friend. 

Kathleen Templeton

Kathleen's first novel is published under her own imprint:

  • Jar of Tears: Moms Aren't Supposed to Die

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