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No Such Thing as a Bully

No Such Thing as a Bully

SKU: 978-0973683141

Does your child talk about being treated badly by his peers, and you don't know what to do? Does the school tell you to make your child stop bullying, and you don't know how?


You'll find the answers inside.


For years and years we have talked about bullies and victims. We've talked about them enough that the words have shaped the lives of many people. It's time for a whole new framework!


NO MORE will we speak of bullies and victims.

NO MORE will we give power to the ideas that bullying is inherent in our society.


This new framework throws traditional bullying on its head, examining bully actions and victim responses and teaching lessons that help each and every one of us, adult and child, stop ourselves from falling into either category. People who communicate well and have developed a strong self-concept, balanced thinking, balanced approaches and empathy for others are less likely to use bully actions or victim responses. Bystanders are strengthened and culture is changed.


It's that simple.

  • About the Author

    Award winning social worker, mediator and author, Kelly Karius is an expert at quickly finding the root of problems, reframing and redefining to give you another way of looking at your situation and new tools to stay calm and peaceful within it. She is highly skilled at showing people that they can reclaim their personal power and change their relationship with themselves and with others.

  • Praise for No Such Thing as a Bully

    "It was a pleasure to read your book and see how well you present your valuable ideas and strategies for removing the horrible effects of bullying behavior, victim behavior and bystander behavior. Your writing is beautiful, clear, passionate, and meaningful. If all parents, children, teachers and administrators could be exposed to your ideas and methods, we could soon have a safer childhood experience for all our loved ones."

    Ralph Kilmann (Thomas Kilmann Conflict Indicator)

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