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a collaborative community

with programs and resources

for authors getting ready to publish

Before the book

Prepare with Patience

Making the book

Polish & Produce

Beyond the book

Promote & Profit


collaborative community

Join our community

to share your struggles

and celebrate your successes.

The Book Hatchery is where

committed authors find support and encouragement,

information and inspiration for producing compelling books.

You might even find some collaborators!

The Book Hatchery

You're ready to give your book

the nutrients it needs to hatch and launch.

Start here for a monthly or annual subscription.

Nestbuilder follows a publishing framework

within a support network

to keep you organized and informed.

Participate in group coaching,

co-working sessions, and private admin support.

as you prepare, polish, and produce your book,

build your platform, and discern

the publishing path that's right for you.

committed authors

Nest Builder

compelling books

With a full publishing package, we partner with you

to bring the best possible book to the world.

We'll work together to determine what's yours to do

and what you need us to take care of for you.

From there we'll build a custom project that's Done By You (DBY) or Done With You (DWY) or Done For You (DFY). 

All projects have the same basic steps. However, we don't have set packages or pricing, because we customize to your needs.

Book Incubator
a la carte services
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