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My, isn't she BECOMING...

But becoming what?

Life in the aftermath

What will become of us

when adversity overwhelms?


Fifteen years after the dreaded phone call

of an accident that forever altered her life,

Jocelyn Faire opens her heart 

with wit and wisdom to share

some of the insight gained from the journey

of learning to carry on after life derails.


Jocelyn Faire

writer, adventurer, lover of beauty

Jocelyn Faire's first book, Who is Talking Out of My Head? chronicles her journey of grief as an out of body experience after the tragic accident that took the lives of her two young adult children and a future daughter-in-law. Her writing has been on the InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship blog, and her own blog (which she confesses has been sporadically maintained. 

Jocelyn describes herself as an introverted extrovert, who loves beauty and a good laugh. She studied Creative Writing at the University of Calgary. She delights in grand-mothering, kayaking, beauty, and world travels. She would love to hear from you. Contact her below.

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All photos by (or from) Jocelyn Faire.

Jocelyn's Launch Party

via Zoom, November 12, 2020

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