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Get your copy of 
Jesse and the Elves!

We're delighted to announce

a French translation of

The Dog Who Wanted to Play!  


"She loved it."

Brandi (mom)

"I love that the dog helped protect Tommy from the people and the coyote in the dark. And how cute it was when they snuggled up together.🐶 I also like that the dog was called Dog."

Iyla (9)

"We all loved the illustrations. They are beautiful!"

​Karma (mom), Kalliste (9) & Corin (9)

"My 6 year old liked the part about the part where the dog scares away the bad guys and the coyote. My 8 year old liked the part where the dog kept Tommy warm when he got lost."

Viki (mom)

Kid Testing

Want to read the whole book?

Get it here and tell us what you think!

Learn more about the author, Fred Ash.

Visit his website:

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