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Rewriting Adam

Rewriting Adam

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  • About the Book

    All his life, Ethan’s felt betrayed by the ones he’s loved.

    Feeling homeless, and without hope, Ethan travels from the Canadian prairies to Southeast Asia, searching for he knows not what.

    When his path crosses with an archaeologist heading to an unexplored area of northern Myanmar, Ethan goes on a journey into an Edenesque world of welcoming telepathic humans, strange voices, and a cunning enemy. For what purpose? He doesn’t know.

    Can he figure it out? And through it,

    will he discover the true meaning of home?

  • About the Author

    Connie Mae Inglis has a passion to share stories. She has spent much of the last 25 years in Southeast Asia with her husband and children, serving as a literacy specialist, teacher, and editor. This cross-cultural living has fed her curiosity and given her lots of material for telling stories, always with the desire to offer restoration hope.Connie has published poetry, short stories, and devotionals in several magazines and collections. She and her husband divide their time between Alberta, Canada and Southeast Asia. Rewriting Adam is her first novel.


    Learn more about Connie and the background to Rewriting Adam and listen to playlists of music that have informed and inspired its writing: 

    Rewriting Adam product page

    A Curious Hope (

  • What People Are Saying

    I find Connie Mae Inglis’ book a refreshing story of freedom and healing. The message of hope and compassion for people struggling with the impossibilities of life, the questions that are not easily answered, and the answers that are looking for satisfying questions, pours forth in her delightful, imaginative, and redemptive novel, Rewriting Adam. (Nicola MacCameron, author of the Leoshine Series

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