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Mindy Sue Makes a Pie

Mindy Sue Makes a Pie

SKU: 9781988983103

Mindy Sue knows exactly what she is going to do today, and she knows exactly how she's going to get it done! But the day has some change in store for her. 


What will Mindy do her change? 


Discover the whimsical journey of Mindy-Sue, a determined young girl on a mission to make the perfect pie for her friend. This delightful children's story, written by Ashley Mitchell, is brought to life with beautifully hand-drawn images by Sandy Gagnon that will charm and entertain readers of all ages.


When Mindy-Sue sets out to make a pie, she encounters a few challenges. Despite the setbacks, Mindy-Sue's resourcefulness and creativity help her make a dessert that is not only unique but also delicious.


"Mindy Sue Makes a Pie" is a heartwarming tale that teaches readers about perseverance, ingenuity, and the beauty of embracing the unexpected. Children will be captivated by Mindy-Sue's energetic spirit, while adults will appreciate the valuable life lesson woven into the story. This book is perfect for bedtime reading or sharing with a group during storytime.

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