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God Sent Something Better

God Sent Something Better

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Every night the children begged and prayed to God for their hearts' desire: a puppy. Some people might say they wore Mama and Papa out, and others might say that Jesus softened their parents' hearts. But things don't go as they hoped. How can they recover from their disappointment? Who will help them accept the blessing in the unexpected?

  • About the Author

    Angela (Ang) McCoy describes herself as a child of God, daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, Grandma and author of the book, God Sent Something Better.

    Being raised in poverty by a single mom of five children in Canterbury, Kent, England, was a struggle.

    Angela had turned 6-years-old when her father abandoned the family. As the eldest of five in her sibling group, she helped with the little ones. One brother had passed away, another was seriously ill and the other two were sickly as well. The five of them, immigrated to Canada in 1967.

    The shy little girl started to read at age three. By age four, Angela was reading from the only book at home: Oliver Twist by Dickens. The first day she went to school, she discovered picture books, but she read them all in the first three days. The lonely little girl made up elaborate stories about the pictures, since the words in the books were so simple. The travelling library only came to school once per month, so it was some time before she was able to read more appropriate books for her skill level.

    She credits the survival of her early life to her amazing imagination. Life in Canada was much better but still a struggle. Like many children, she blamed herself for everything that went wrong. The overwhelming guilt for the things she did do, as well as the things she had no control over, threatened to smother her. She even thought that she was too bad to be loved by God.

    The happiest times of her life were when the family moved to various farms and when she visited her adopted grandparents who also had a little hobby farm. For the first time, she felt less anxious, and she could breathe.

    The family moved so many times that her education was severely lacking.

    Later in life, Angela developed severe allergies and asthma. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as a shut-in.


    Her vivid imagination roams free as she writes her stories and memories of happy days.

    Thank you for supporting her work and making this lifelong dream, of publishing a book, come true.

    She is in the process of writing two additional books called Something Better Meets Sailor and Monty’s Funny Farm. They should be for sale in 2024.

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