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  • About the Book

    1944. American bomber pilot, Jack Swaggart, has led his squadron countless times into hostile German territory, hit the assigned target, and returned to base none the worse for wear.

    Eventually, Jack’s luck runs out. With his B-26 Marauder heavily damaged by flak, Jack is forced to ditch his crippled airplane in the German countryside.

    Separated from his crew, Jack trusts an unlikely ally, Hilde Augsburg, a plucky young woman, a decision with icy catapults them into an adventure neither could have envisioned. Coincidentally, they spot a new type of German warplane in flight--a design unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

    In that moment, Jack realizes that the Nazis have developed a formidable new bomber, one that could dramatically alter the course of the war. In the blink of an eye, Jack’s mission shifts from survival to thwarting the Germans, just when the Allies are on the
    verge of triumph.

  • About the Author

    Robert Stermscheg is a former police officer and pilot. As a writer and translator of historical fiction and nonfiction, his works include translations of renowned German author, Karl May and a biography of his father’s experience as a prisoner of war.


  • What People Are Saying

    Stermscheg nails it! Action and adventure at its best.
    From aerial action over the war-torn skies of Germany
    to defending England’s coastline, Stermscheg creates a
    a compelling WWII thriller in Stealth! (Paul Byers, author of Catalyst and Shattered Sky)


    Stealth . . . the story of a pivotal conflict . . . but a
    concept which wouldn’t see reality for half a century.
    The Nazis were not only pushing the envelope but also
    history itself. (David Nagy, retired newspaper editor)


    Readers of war stories expect to be taken to the stark heart of a soldier’s experience without being overwhelmed by the gruesome.

    In Stealth, Robert Stermscheg manages that tricky balance deftly, illustrated particularly well in “An Unlikely Hero.” This chapter depicts a surprising take on war’s dramatic intersection of terror and the potential for heroic action as the protagonist staves off friendly bomber fire with split-second ingenuity and a broom. Even the most seasoned war-story reader has got to be captured by such a stand-alone scene. (Marjorie Anderson

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