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Victory is not always in the absence of a situation but in its powerlessness to affect you.


Many Christians are facing mountains in their lives right now that they desperately want, and need, to be moved (let's be honest--mountain ranges, right?). We lift our eyes to God and cry out in self-pity, "Why God, why?" Marion Grace knows this so well--she has been there many times. She believes most of us have faith and our hearts are sincere before the Lord, but the problem is that we are wielding the wrong sword, beating the air, and tiring ourselves out. The world says to fight for your rights and make sure you are looking after your own interests. What about me; what about me!


In God's economy there is little room for self-focus. When it's just woe is me; me, me, me you will not get far. In the Bible, the only sword we are told to fight with is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. God's ways are always opposite the world's and will never seem to make sense to or pamper our flesh and self. Lay down your heavy, war-torn sword and walk with Marion as she casts some light through experience and success on God's amazing plan for winning your battles. This is a book for those who have always suspected, or known, that there is more to this Christian life than just enduring trials with humility for Jesus. It is for those who, like Marion, would rather smash through them in a blaze of glory, triumph, and joy while leaving them in the dust. Mine is a perspective that trials are an empowerment opportunity; the joy of the end result overshadowing any temporary pain.


You have a power position that will send the devil running for cover in utter frustration and leave you laughing hilariously. Let's begin.


Study guide included.

Drop Your Sword: Letting God Fight Your Battles

  • Marion stands today as a living, breathing miracle and testimony of the overcoming power, love, and faithfulness of God when you put His Word in your heart. After years of depression and bitterness leading to divorce and a terminal cancer diagnosis, she shares her story of victory. Her boast is not in her Bible school training, but in the fact that she is an ordinary Christian just like you. This is her story of reaching deep inside amid life's crippling obstacles to bring back everything God had ever placed inside her. Her story is one of shame to value; struggle to victory; death sentence to peace and life. Marion's goal is to help equip you, through her unique, transparent perspective, to live free no matter what life throws your way, and to live in the outrageous love and peace of God. Marion lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband, Steve. She has three grown children and several grandchildren.

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