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Wee Merrigold's Wee Wanderings

Wee Merrigold's Wee Wanderings

SKU: 9781988983721

Companion to Merrigold's Very Best Home.


Join Wee Merrigold, a lovable and curious amigurumi doll, as she sets out on a series of enchanting adventures in "Wee Merrigold's Wee Wanderings" by Marcia Lee Laycock. In this charming tale, readers follow Wee Merrigold exploring the world around her, making friends and discovering the beauty of the everyday.


Wander with Wee Merrigold through messy desks and lush gardens to lively thrift stores and quiet picnics by the river. Her love for adventure is sure to inspire children to embark on their own explorations in the wonder that surrounds them.


Each vivid photograph in the book creates an immersive experience for young readers. They'll follow Wee Merrigold's escapades while learning valuable lessons about friendship, curiosity, and enjoying life's simple pleasures.


Wee Merrigold's Wee Wanderings is a heartwarming picture book that will delight children aged 3-7 and their parents alike. The captivating images and endearing story combine to create a remarkable book that will be cherished for years to come.

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