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Leoshine, Princess Oracle

SKU: 9781988983189
  • Cultures collide at the end of a chain of generated domes.


    Leoshine's mother hustles her into the wilderness of Myxolidia as her father abdicates his government to invaders. Captured by a lawless tribe of her own people, Leoshine is thrown at the feet of the invading Aeolian leader as a bedwarmer.


    Avram subverts their expectations. The last thing he wants is a girl-slave, but he comes to depend on her in fulfilling his mission to rescue the Myxolidian atmosphere from environmental collapse.


    Resham arrives home believing in the mission and eager to prove his loyalty and skill. As Avram's right hand he teaches Leoshine about her new master.


    None of them suspect her true power and gift.

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