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About Us

At Siretona, we understand the effort and attention to detail it takes to produce and promote good books. We also understand the effort and attention to detail required to establish a profitable business.

Siretona Creative has been publishing important and beautiful stories since 2006. We have produced a diverse portfolio ranging from children’s and seniors’ books to Indigenous poetry.

The name, Siretona, is an acronym of the first two letters from four words: "sing release to nations." Founder, Colleen McCubbin, is a prairie soul with a heart for the world. Through publishing she hopes to make a positive difference around the globe. 

Colleen has brought over 20 books and two music CDs to market. In mid-2020, after 10 years as Bookstore Manager at Ambrose University, Colleen transitioned from occasional to full-time publishing with Siretona Creative, developing a highly collaborative author coaching program and publishing system.


With a passion for author education and support, Colleen formed a new author community, The Book Hatchery, to provide networking, education, and collaborative opportunities.  

Over the decades, Colleen has held many staff and volunteer roles in higher education and publishing. Colleen is an active member of InScribe Christian Writers. 

Siretona Creative has been named for several awards:

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