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Experience the Christmas story from a refreshingly creative angle, and keep your whole family engaged.


Explore the birth of Jesus by traveling through Advent with Joseph. The 25 short daily readings followed by questions will help you and your children connect this profound story to your own lives.


Available in four languages: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian

Journey with Joseph

  • Samuel G. Schaefer was born in Germany and spent over five years working in a rural area Haiti. Working in community development, the biggest task was how to pour into people so they could keep going without getting hurt by the help being offered. Communication was key and Samuel took the challenge to help others communicate their life experiences with others.

    In Haiti, Samuel also got to know his wonderful wife, Bonita. Samuel and Bonita have two boys and are currently living in Cologne, Germany. Now Samuel’s challenge is on how to communicate well to his children the things he has learned, while learning even more together.

    Samuel loves to share from his life experiences, so you will find a lot of his personal stories and insights in his writing. His hope is that you will learn to communicate your own rich life experiences with others.

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