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Thank you
for being an early

If you supported my Crowdfundr campaign, I will send you a unique Spotify code.

Download your preferred ebook version.

Most of the audiotracks here are 30-second samples.

To purchase the whole audiobook,
pay what you want (min. $20). 

More information in the Invitation below. 


If you choose to buy the audiobook here, you will be able to "name your price" with a minimum of $20.00.

Essentially, this is an opportunity to help fund this publishing project. We thank you in advance for any contributions!

NOTE: you might want to wait for Lisa's upcoming crowdfunding campaign to contribute financially.

1. Check your junk mail/spam folder
2. Th
e email sender is Music Delivery <>
3. The subject line will be "Thanks for Purchasing!"
4. The package will come to you as a ZIP file with 34 individual audio tracks.

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