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Your book is going to change someone's life -- starting with your own. 

Publishing a book should not be a lonely, frustrating process. It should be a rewarding adventure, supported by a talented team who know you and are committed to your success.

At Siretona Creative we are dedicated to helping you find your team, the people who will support in every area where you feel a need -- and a few areas where you didn't know you needed help. We'll get your book launched, making it the best it can be!

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We understand that many authors are shy about promoting their own products, not wanting to appear like pushy sales people or one-track minds who can't talk about anything besides their own projects. That's annoying. Friends avoid friends like that. 

We also know that sales increase when authors put on events. 

You speak, you sell.

It seems so simple. 

People want to see you, the author. They want to hear you read your words. They want to know what you think about things. They want to meet you -- to get your signature, to take a selphy with you and post it on their Instagram page. #exposure #freemarketing

But how do you get these speaking engagements and book signings? Who should you call? And what should you bring to these engagements? What should you do when you get there? 

Ah! We can help you with that.

We can support for the things that can take up so much time and energy: calling stores and libraries and other locations to set up readings and signings and sales. 

Siretona assists and coaches authors with self-publishing. 

     The biggest challenge [facing Christian writers and editors] is that the craft of writing is a solitary profession. Christian writers are even more isolated since there are not as many of them. As I have connected with writers across Canada, most feel alone and are starving for industry information, moral support, and encouragement.

- Ruth Thorogood, Executive Director, The Word Guild (TWG)

in Faith Today, July/August 2016

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