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Uly Quits His Job

Uly Quits His Job

Pro tip: Don't quit your job when the boss is your ride.


Uly moves from Atlanta to south Georgia to take a new job doing honest work maintaining utility poles.


Rachel is done with him. She rejects his on-again, off-again attempts to maintain a long-distance relationship.


Uly is assigned to a crew that travels to Savannah. On the job, hard work isn't the problem, but when Uly stomps off in a huff, you know it's the boss's fault.


Jobless, on foot, phone dying, a few dollars from penniless, and suffering in the hot summer heat, Uly buys a ticket for an off-brand bus to Atlanta.


That's when things go from bad to strange.


Uly takes a long detour on a journey of personal discovery and spiritual growth. 


Faith, perseverance, loyalty, and generosity wrestle with fear, injury, humiliation, and Uly's own cluelessness in this Christian-themed, Southern odyssey.

  • About the Author

    Travis Williams was born in Alabama and lives and writes from his home in Georgia at a desk in front of a window overlooking his backyard. He has designed logos, book covers, fonts, and he occasionally breaks out some paints. He writes fiction-Southern, science and historical-with Christian themes. He's online at Uly Quits His Job is his first novel.

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