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Bloopers and Rough Starts

Who doesn't love a good blooper reel? My husband and I get a kick out of fail videos ... but they're less fun when you're the one falling flat on your face!

This sputtery introduction feels like the whole beginning of 2023 for me! 2022 didn't end as expected: a minor crisis for a family member, then busier than anticipated holidays that were good but not restful.

I started January feeling optimistic, but in catch-up mode. Then I got sick for a full 10 days. Not entirely sidelined, but capacity cut in half!

In spite of the rough start, my optimism grew as we formed a brand new (and wonderful) leadership team for Siretona Creative, initiated some good plans for our author community, The Book Hatchery, along with our flagship author coaching program, Nestbuilders, and made some good progress on some admin tasks that we'd been putting off for lack of people power!

Building and launching this team has been so satisfying as we used several assessments to minimize gaps in our talent pool:

💡 The Six Types of Working Genius

💡 Kolbe Corp

💡 Gallup's StrengthsFinder and BP10

My energy is still playing catch-up, and the world is weird and unpredictable. (Enya plays in my mind). Even so, I feel hopeful at the beginning of 2023. All we can do is walk the path in front of us with the light we have received.

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