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How does it work? 

Siretona Creative is a boutique publisher. Perhaps you have heard other terms, like hybrid or partnership publishing. Basically, these terms mean the author invests in the costs and we all share the workload along with the opportunities and risks.


Some hybrid publishing companies offer set packages and prices. While our prices are comparable (sometimes more, sometimes less), we don't advertise stock packages. Instead, we have conversations and provide assessments to evaluate your needs and create a customized package to serve you best.

We also offer a la carte services for self-publishing authors. 

Projects can range anywhere from $2000 to $10,000, depending on genre, scope (length of manuscript, illustrations or images, complexity of design), author's needs and desires.

Siretona values education and collaboration. To that end, we offer networking, courses, and resources in our author community, The Book Hatchery, with our Nestbuilder program as the cornerstone (see below). 

After you fill out the Discovery Form, 

you'll receive a link to book a Discovery Call.


The Book

Private Author Community

  • Inspiration

  • Conversation

  • Collaboration

Training Opportunities

  • Learning Rooms

    • ​workshops

    • seminars

    • courses​

    • writing skills

    • etc. 

  • Working Groups

    • collaboration

    • marketing

    • projects

Three of our cornerstone courses:


Click the links above or below to explore.

Author Community

You get everything in 

     The Book Hatchery plus ..

  • Orientation Course

  • Group Coaching: up to three sessions per week

  • Private Group with discussion board and event links

  • Replay Library with searchable content notes and other resources

  • Courses and Challenges for education and equipping

  • Discounts on private coaching hours: half price (or free in Incubator book projects)

  • Option to publish in our Medium publication, Words on the Wing

  • Personal assessments to understand your working styles: Kolbe A and Working Genius

** We recommend minimum 6 months.

Upgrade at any time.

Cancel at any time (first month nonrefundable).

Book Publishing

You get everything in 

      The Book Hatchery and 
     Nestbuilder Mastermind plus ...


Siretona does not compromise on quality. We always start with an 

Editorial Assessment to provide rich feedback and enable your decision-making process.


Based on your needs, we will design a custom publishing package that includes any and all of the following:

  • Editing

  • Design

  • Layout

  • Marketing help

  • Distribution

  • Sales

* Please plan to work with us
at least 6 months to 1 year.

This includes all stages of your project: preparation, polishing, production, promotion, & profit.

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