About Us

Based in Alberta, Canada, Siretona Creative works with authors and artists from all walks of life to develop stories, talents and designs into excellent works for the benefit of communities by imparting the truth and beauty of lived experience through language, images, texture and song. Siretona believes in the power of story to shape lives through shared meaning. Be it through joy or pain, wonderment and whimsey, or even lament, Siretona believes that relationships and communities are shaped by words, and that every story is significant, stirring, and enduring.

Siretona Creative has been publishing important and beautiful stories since 2010. We have produced a diverse portfolio ranging from children’s and seniors’ books to Indigenous poetry.


Siretona Creative has been shortlisted for a number of awards:

In 2009, Siretona’s founder, Colleen (Taylor) McCubbin received an Award of Merit from The Word Awards for her co-written song, Child of My Heart.