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Skilled Support

Colleen McCubbin

Founder & CEO

As a bookstore manager, writer, literature professor, editor and publisher, Colleen knows books and writing. 

Ellen Hooge

Book Coach & Designer

Ellen Hooge has decades of experience telling stories to people of all ages at churches, camps and conferences. 

She is has been married to Jack for over 30 years, has four grown daughters and 5 grandchildren. She lives in Calgary Alberta and works with Path Finders Bible Adventures.

Ellen’s life experience has brought her alongside First Nations and Metis people and she has learned many inspiring stories from their cultures. 

She also loves to tell exciting stories from the Bible that help us all to live in harmony with God and others. 


Your Role

Siretona is gathering a community of creative people who will work together to bring beautiful books and other works of art and music to the world. Will you join us?

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